Friday, September 30, 2011

The NeW aDdiTioN!!!

So I haven't blogged in FOREVER! So sorry! But here are a few updates!

First off I would like to let everyone know about our new canvas business. We have been wrapping them for a while but now would like to go public. So here is the blog! and we're also on facebook as the canvas co. So check us out!!!

The weekend before Dave started up his two internships and a class we decided to go see dave's grandpa darley in Logan, Ut. He hadn't been feeling very well so we wanted to spend some time with him. His grandpa was 95 years old! (it was his mother's father) And him and his wife barely went into assisted living last year. He reminded me of Grandpa Vurrell, hard working, doesn't stop for nothin kind of guy. Loved him!

It was great to see him. We had been looking on ksl just for fun at puppies. And we saw that there were basset hound puppies on the way home from Logan so we thought we'd go look at them for fun..... and it was fun! Check out all these puppies! There were 9... woh...

I really wanted a girl but there were only two out of nine. and one was real big and the other was way hyper (yah no thanks). so we went for the most mello and cutest one. It was the only one that we no black and brown. This color is called lemon. Check out our puppy Blaze!!

We have had a lot of fun. Honestly we are super happy we are learning lots more responsibility with a dog first rather than a child. Puppies are a lot of work too... But he's done good! He LOVES people (just ask jace my nephew hehe). We took him fishing with us a couple days after we got him on my parents farm. We even took him on Jade's boat Rudy. Blaze was such a trooper. SO FUN! He has had lots of baths already, not much of a fan.
Dave got me an amazing beach cruiser for my birthday last year but I just got this basket to put on it. Blaze fit it perfectly. And didn't mind the ride!

I am the assistant manager at Orange Leaf! Love it!I started last week and have worked nights since I am still in school. If you don't know what Orange Leaf is look it up. Its a frozen yogurt with fantastic toppings hang out. Fun fun. Dave is usually home doing homework. Or playing with the dog.
One night I come home and this is what blaze looked like. Dave has way too much fun with him and his ears!!

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  1. Hahaha, yay! I love puppies. Too bad they all turn into dogs. Although this reminds me of something...

    Hahaha, so hilarious.

    Also, I don't buy the excuse of using a dog to teach us responsibility, blah blah blah. You had pets all your life Paige, you are a grown-ass woman. If you wanted a kid you could have one right now and take care of it fine, don't feed us that bologna. Just fess up and say you don't want a kid yet.